April 11, 1954

In this day and age, with all the things happening around us, can you ever imagine a day that nothing happening worth reporting?

When the evening news on TV are canceled because there was nothing to report?

No extraordinary athletic achievements, no discoveries, no catastrophes, just nothing going on. Only the Turkish electrical engineer and rector of the University of Bilkent may see it differently: He was born on that day. Oh, and in Belgium it was election day again – but that happens so often, especially on a Sunday.

We are talking of April 11, 1954, the dullest day since the start of the 20th century, according to British scientists.

You have to be at least 56 years old to have lived on that day. Maybe one of you older folks may remember something special, like when it is your birthday (see the Turkish engineer mentioned above) or any other events important to you. But other than that?

TV was in its infancy those days. But I wonder what the newspapers where reporting. Papers that don’t publish regularly on Mondays weren’t quite stressed about their publishing schedule I would think.

Now, of course, with the declaration of 4/11/54 as the most boring day, that day has now sparked some interest, making it not that boring after all.

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