Arizona’s view of religious freedom (2)

So the promoters of the “religious freedom protection” bill recently approved by the Arizona legislature say it is not hatred and does not attack gays.

As we pointed out already it is probably not. We have heard that the bill doesn’t mention gays. So it is much wider than most people realize. We might see signs at Arizona restaurants, shops etc like this:

Sign for Arizona businesses requiring religious protection

Sign for Arizona businesses requiring religious protection

On another issue related to this bill we have heard that the Taliban in Afghanistan are considering relocation to Arizona, probably at the end of 2014 – coinciding with the scheduled American troop withdrawal. They are saying that with the new protection bill in Arizona it would be much easier to conduct business there, with a protection they believe would never get again if they stayed in Afghanistan. President Karsai is reportedly happy about it. After all in just a few months we would get rid of the Americans AND the Taliban.

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