Christine O’Donnell walks off CNN interview

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I can’t wait for the late night comedians to comment and make sketches on the walk off of Christine O’Donnell’s CNN interview with Piers Morgan

She should have held a press conference instead (no questions allowed). Or do interviews with the “fair and balanced” network only.

On the other hand ….

She is back in the head lines. Like she was when she made the famous “I’m not a witch” ad – which by the way she said she regretted listening to the campaign consultants who advised her to do the ad.

The guy who walked in front of the camera – you can see only his back in the shadow – was this on of these advisers?

She wanted only to talk about her new book, which she hopes “will be an inspirational tool for the grassroots conservative movement”.

So I’m guessing Tea Party?

I already decided not to buy the new book, but if one of you folks get a hold on it (not buy, just borrow), maybe you can tell me if she has a word or two about the Voting Rights Proposal of a fellow Tea Party member.

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