Donald J Trump, Wartime President of the United States of America

Donald J Trump, in office in the White House for just over 10 days, already on the way to become the worst President of the United States at least in our life time, seems to be heading to war.

He made it clear to the Mexican President Nieto in a phone call, that he would send troops south of the border, if Mexico won’t stop the “bad hombres” heading to the United States.

So is he going to invade Mexico? How far would he go, considering the fact that illegal drugs originated from other countries are coming transit through Mexico.

This by the way would also an opportunity to destroy these factories that manufacture these cheap goods for export to the U.S.

Just now he put Iran “on notice” for their ballistic missile test. Notice on what? Invasion?

Iran already dismissed as “useless” threats from an “inexperienced person”

His first military action order by him apparently did not go well as planned, already acknowledging the one service man killed and others wounded, but otherwise claiming success. It appears that there were also 30 civilians killed – that’s more than the 14 militants being killed. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong, and the militants apparently were tipped off on the coming raid.

We know he is not good friends with China, and promised that North Korea would not be able to make missiles with nuclear warheads that could reach the U.S. This is “not going to happen”, according to Trump, of course not saying how to accomplish that.

And he started a feud with the Australian prime minister. And we don’t think Trump takes lectures from Germany’s chancellor likely reminding him the obligations of the United States with regard to war refugees according to the Geneva convention.

The friendship with Russia’s Putin won’t last once the clashing interests are evident.

All of this are not good signs, and we may indeed into several wars in the near future. And we have not talked about the civil unrest here in the U.S. that will accompany  us for the years to come.

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