Government Shutdown, Tea Party and National Security

Today’s Government shutdown without question hurts everything, starting with the government workers who may not get a paycheck or get it delayed to sometime in the distant future, to the economy – with the federal government to biggest employer in the country, and of course the U.S.’s reputation all over the world. There have been suggestions that “U.S.A” stands for “United States of Absurdistan”.

But there’s more to come. In the coming weeks certain parts of a political will try to push the U.S. into bankruptcy, is they don’t get what they want.

Our informant from the National Security Agency (NSA), whom we talked to about this issue, gave us some assessment. We agreed to keep his identity confidential.

The Tea Party, our informant has confirmed, are under observation for quite some time. Not only are those members in the NSA’s mental database – as most members of Congress are -, but they are under observation for anti-democratic behavior.

Take Senator Ted Cruz (R) from Texas for example. To hold the Senate hostage for 21 hours with a pointless speech is at best childish, but essentially anti-democratic. To make his point he would have needed 30 minutes at most and not bore his colleagues with childhood memories. “We do not judge political opinions”, our informant says. “Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but what Mr. Cruz did comes close to a coup. The fact that the Senate didn’t follow him right now is very fortunate for us, but we know he is gathering conspirers. We had to classify him as an anti-democratic suspect”.

Asked about how it impacts the National Security, he said: “First of all, we have cutbacks across the board. Even though the government assures us it doesn’t affect the military, border patrol and the FBI, it does. Soon the super power of the United States will be a thing of the past. Do I need to say more?”

Asked about what the NSA can do about it, he answered: “Look, we’re not a law enforcement agency. We gather intelligence and pass the information to the proper authorities. In this case we informed the Republican leadership in the Senate and in the House – where the problems seems to be larger. We have enough information on all of them – it is just a matter for the leadership to act”.

Our informant was reluctant to comment about if and how the NSA is impacted by the cutbacks, as the NSA’s budget is considered classified. He would say only this: “If we would have to choose, we would focus on the Tea Party. The threat from them is greater than from Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda and all their subsidiaries don’t really threaten the constitution and democracy here in America – in fact people stand together to defend their values. Besides, intelligence agencies in other countries cover Al-Qaeda as well, so it is not that they will go unobserved if we had to retreat. But nobody will help as with the Tea Party issue. And their anti-democratic behavior and hostage taking can really undermine our Constitutional values”.

Indeed, to we need to say more?

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