How many jobs did Mitt Romney create

Mitt Romney claims that he created 100000 jobs while he was at helm of the Bain Capital.

He doesn’t say, however, how many jobs were lost during that time.

See, according to a CBS News report his campaign “has cited hiring growth in three major companies – Staples, The Sports Authority, and Domino’s – as the backup for the 100,000 figure. That number, however, does not include job losses from companies in which Bain invested.”

Wow. This is like saying, if I go to a casino, I count the winnings but discount the losses.

That way, every trip to a casino would count as a success – for me as a gambler for my wallet, that is.

I can’t recall if even the casinos are so bold to promote their business that way.

The job number does not tell us, how many other jobs were lost by those who were competing against the 3 above mentioned companies. And Staples is a global company serving customers in “26 countries”. Although their own website states same acquisitions after Mr. Romney’s time at Bain, I’m wondering how many jobs were created here in the U.S. or somewhere else.

One more tidbit: the Wall Street Journal reported “22 percent of the companies in which it invested either went bankrupt or shut down, and another eight percent lost all money Bain invested.”

There is only one thing to be sure: Mr. Romney himself made tons of money, which makes him the richest candidate among the Republican hopefuls.

Not that the other candidates are poor either.

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