How the U.S. arms industry benefits from the drug war (2)

Here are some links how others reported about this problem

New York Times

Washington Post

The case mentioned in the NYT article against George Iknadosian by the way was dismissed. He actually “may end up with a multi-million-dollar payout”. Guess where that money is coming from.

So here’s the bottom line: the gun shops make money from selling guns to the drug cartel, the gun lobby gets it contribution from the gun shop owners, and the gun lobby, of course, contribute to the politicians to keep the gun sales going

Is it a wonder that certain politicians are reluctant to re-instate the ban?

Also noteworthy, it was mentioned that Mr. Iknadosian “moved his gun-selling operation (from California) to Arizona in 2004, because the gun laws were more lenient”.

In the recent Arizona immigration law discussion, it was argued that one purpose of the law was to fight crimes committed allegedly by illegal immigrants. While generally there is no evidence to support that they commit more crimes than the general population (besides of just being illegal), there has been apparently an increase in violence in crimes committed by cartel members. Now, if they really want to curb down on crime violence, wouldn’t it make more sense to tighten and enforce gun laws in Arizona?

Ah – I forgot. It would cut into the profits of the gun shops – and the taxes that the state would get from the gun sales.

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