Invisible: Art about the Unseen

The exhibition “Invisible: Art about the Unseen 1957 – 2012” in the gallery of South Bank Centre, London, is dedicated to the invisible, the hidden and the unknown. Or in other words, there is mostly nothing to see. Works by artists such as Claes Oldenburg, Yoko Ono and Andy Warhol are shown here – at least you can guess sometimes.

For instance there is the work of the pop-art artist Warhol, for which he stood model himself but stopped doing so just after a few minutes. The viewer has add the Warhol statue in his mind himself.

Same with the drawings presented in London by Gianni Motti, he has made them with invisible ink.

Not really there, however, is the hidden statue of the Italian Maurizio Cattelan: According to the artist, it was stolen from his car.

Admission, by the way, is £ 8 ($ 12.50) for adults and £ 5.50 ($ 8.50) for juveniles. Considering that there is not much to see ….



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