Kim Jong-Un and Dennis Rodman talk about Obama and the IRS

We got another transcript of a phone conversation from WikiLeaks.

It is again between BFFs North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and former NBA Star Dennis Rodman. As you know they met earlier this year and have been best friends ever since. Every once in a while both talk to each other on the phone. This particular call  just happened very recently.

Due to the length of the conversion we just publish an excerpt of it between Kim Jung-Un (in bold) and Dennis Rodman (in plain).


Can I ask you something?


Is Obama in trouble?

What do you mean?

I hear he has problems with the IRS.

That is actually true.

I heard about these nasty IRS audits. Didn’t they send once Al Capone to jail because of tax problems?

I don’t think that’s the nature of Obama’s problem.

No? What is it then?

It has to do with the tax exempt status request by groups with the name “tea party” included.

Tea party … tea party … aren’t those the people who hate Obama?

They are not particularly friendly.

So what happened?

Well apparently the IRS scrutinized these groups more that they usually do.

Hmm, what is the problem with that?

It’s complicated, but in a nutshell – if they don’t do political campaigning but if it is for a common goal, then the tax exempt status should not be denied.

So what is their common goal?

They want to reduce government, because they think it is too big.

But isn’t the IRS part of the government.

Yes, of course.

So the IRS is really protecting itself.

You have a point.

Besides, government can never be too small.

You think so?

I LOVE big government. The more you have the better you have control of the people.

I guess it depends on the objective.

What do mean … objective. What else is government for?

I don’t know.

Dennis – do you Americans have police?

Yes we do.

Do you have jails?


How many people are in jail right now?

Actually quite a lot.

I saw a statistic recently that says that the United States keeps more people per capita in jail than any other nation.

I can’t argue here. But it is all based on what the law is.

And you make up the law as you pleases to get the desired results.

Yeah you can say that. At least sometimes.

I have to tell you that tax law is quite an efficient tool to intimidate people. Many governments have been successful doing so. A perfect way to intimidate dissidents.


That’s why I was so baffled about Obama’s tax problems.

As I said it is not about HIS taxes.

Thanks for clearing it up. I mean why would Obama intimidate himself.

Yes, indeed.

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