NSA acknowledges spying on European Union

In our recent interview with a high ranking official of the National Security Agency (NSA), which we conducted to mark the occasion of the publishing of “The NSA Diaries” series, we discussed briefly the developing breaking news about alleged spying of the NSA on the EU.

Here is a brief excerpt of this interview covering this topic, where “Q” stands for BrainTurnedOff, and “A” for the NSA official (in bold, unnamed due to the sensitive nature of the agency):

Q: It has been reported this week, that the NSA is spying on foreign diplomats like from the European Union. Can you confirm this?

A: We call it surveillance, not spying.

Q: But it is true?

A: Yes. Look, they are foreigners.

Q: But diplomats from friendly nations? Don’t they have immunity?

A: That makes it more important to have them under surveillance.

Q: Why so?

A: Look, immunity means those people cannot be prosecuted or even officially investigated, when they do something wrong, so they believe they can do all kind of things and get away with it. That’s where we come in. We had indeed identified diplomats who supported terrorism.

Q: But from friendly nations?

A: Friend is a relative term. You need to be more careful when someone is saying he’s your friend. France is a so-called friendly nation, but do we trust the French? Of course not.

— end of excerpt —

The full length of this interview will be published sometime later.

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