NSA to offer Email Access Service

We have received advanced information that the National Security Agency (NSA) is going to offer a service to help you to organize your email accounts. Especially it will filter spam and help to draw your attention to really important emails, so that you won’t miss them.

The service is available for any email account in the world, even encrypted ones. You won’t have to submit any password. However, you have to prove that you have access to your email accounts yourself.

This service is possible due to the vast network the NSA and similar agencies across the world have built or have access to, and the sophisticated software they have created. According to our source, it is way more advanced than the spam filters you’re used to from your email provider.

Furthermore, the NSA is going to offer email retrieval service from it’s archives way back to ten years. It includes drafted emails, which you have never sent. If you’re lucky, the NSA can even retrieve emails that you never stored on your hard drive – however, this is not guaranteed, as it depends on the individual situation.

These new services are not going to be cheap, though. While the NSA is using these programs internally for  years, it is in need for cash due to growing demands.

These new public services are part of an ongoing effort improve the reputation of the NSA and to raise their acceptance in the general public.

A formal announcement will be made sometime later.

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