Olympic Uniforms and Politics

We hear that Lawmakers are furious that the U.S. Olympic team are going to wear clothes made in China during the opening ceremonies and other times except for the uniforms for the competitions themselves.

See this article for further details.

U.S. Olympic Team wearing uniforms made in – China

Now, the U.S. Olympic team is privately funded by sponsors, so you don’t pay as a taxpayer (although you pay by buying the products made by the sponsors). So it is not really for the politicians to interfere in business decisions – they usually don’t do this, so why now here?

If memory serves me right, interference of politicians into sports never did any good.

So the question is – don’t these politicians have anything better to do?

Oh yes – the House voted for a 33th time to repeal the Obama health care law, with no chance to get that bill any further.

Anything re job creation? Budget?

You get the point.

But back to the clothes made in China.

About 98% of all textiles sold in the U.S. is imported, pretty much everything from Asia, most from China.

Here’s my question:

The clothes and shoes worn by those politicians, who are complaining so loudly  now – where were they made? In the U.S.?

Please detail this for underwear and socks also.

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