Phone Conversation between Kim Jong-Un and Dennis Rodman

We got another transcript from WikiLeaks.

This time it is a conversation between BFFs North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and former NBA Star Dennis Rodman. They met earlier this year and have been best friends ever since. A few days ago Mr. Rodman made a phone call to his buddy, which has been secretly recorded and transcribed

Following is the conversion between Kim (in bold) and Dennis Rodman (in plain).

Hello – this is Kim Jong-Un speaking

Hi – Dennis Rodman here.

Dennis? What a surprise!

Just wanted to say hello.

How are you doing?

Good, good, good. How about yourself?

Oh, busy, busy.

I hope I don’t interrupt something important.

Oh no no. One needs a break once in a while. Nice to hear your voice.

Same here.

Did you pass my message to Obama?

Yes, They got it.


And what?

Do you have a message from him for me?

Ah – no, sorry.

It’s okay.

You know, I had a little bit tough time here


They ridiculed me here and essentially shut me out.

Sorry to hear that.

Well, I’m used to that, have been there before.

Glad you take it in strides.

To be honest, it didn’t help with your current reputation as it is.

How’s that?

Well – with this nuclear thing and all that.

Oh sometimes you have to do things, you know.

Yes, I know. I don’t pretend to understand any of that.

Me neither.

Ha ha ha ha. That’s a good one.

Ha ha ha ha.

Oh – my …

You’re my best friend, right?

Of course.

And I can talk to you in confidence?


You know I’m the youngest of three brothers. And it is tough to compete against them

I had very much the same problem when I grew up.

So I had to be better than them

Well you’re now the leader of your country.

But, you know, somehow I don’t feel the appreciation of my people.


I really wanted to be loved!

But you ARE the beloved leader of your country. Everybody there loves you.

Yes, but I have to tell them that.

Oh, I see.

Life is not fair.

Amen to that.

And then … there is this guy from the South, you know


This gangnam style fellow.

I heard of him

He just puts a stupid video together and boom he is a celebrity on every channel.

It has been wild

Isn’t that crazy? Now he is putting out another one, and everybody talks of him instead of me.

It is frustrating.

And I spend billions and billions to make myself heard and what is the result? And how much does this guy spend?

As you said, life is not fair.

Listen, Kim, one thing you can do is to create your own music video

Oh no no no no no. I can’t do that.

Come on

I don’t have much musical talent

Ah don’t lie to me Didn’t you appear once in the musical “Grease”?

No no. That was my older brother Chul.

Oh. But you see, there is musical talent in your family. Everybody has some.

Oh Dennis I don’t know.

It is not really that difficult. You really don’t have to have any talent to make a successful music video.

Hmmm…. Go on.

We can do a session together and invite some guys. Barack Obama is cool and he has show talent. And Bill Clinton can play some sax.

You can do that?

It just takes a couple of phone calls.

Oh that would be great.

And afterward we can play some hoops.

I can’t wait.


Oh, by the way, I’m planing to go on vacation in your country.


Sometime in August.

Let me know the exact dates. I want to be together with you.

Yes, that would be nice.


OK, Kim, I need to go now. Nice talking to you.

Dennis, I appreciate the call. I love you so much.

I love you too

Bye bye

Bye bye, see you later


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