Pole in Driveway

This photo was taken in Queensland, Australia.

Any comments?

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2 Responses to Pole in Driveway

  1. Dee says:

    There have been some rumors that this might be PhotoShopped. Google Earth is known to blur some Street View pictures, so check it out yourself.

    This is at 413 Farm St Norman Gardens QLD 4701, Australia.

    According to some sources, the pole was there several years before the house was built.

  2. Dee says:

    Update: If you check Google Earth now, it appears the pole has been moved to the east. You can still see from the layout of the driveway where the pole has been.
    If you invoke the history function in Google Earth, you can see the older satellite picture with the pole in the old position – it is just not a clear image as in Street View. A yet older satellite picture show the same street with the poles but without the houses.

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