SOPA/PIPA is big government and (some) big corporation

The proposed legislation “Stop Online Privacy Act” (SOPA) and “Protect IP Act” (PIPA) is a good example what big government and corporations are all about.

If Republicans claim to be against big government they should oppose this legislation. Even corporation oppose this bill, such as the not-so-small company Google.

This is stupid legislation at its worst (that why we write about this) for the four reason you can read about here. To point (1) I might add, if you link from you site to one that in turn links to another one with copyrighted material – are you being punished as well? What if you link to a site that is clean, and then sometime later that site puts something problematic?

You can’t possible cover all situations. Besides, how do you determine if something is copyrighted or not (or to be precise: in violation of copyright – after all you are allowed to put copyrighted material on a site if you own the copyright, are you not?

As we have noted in this article, attempts to restrict backfire, as the technology is more advanced to get around any restriction imposed by governments. It is also hypocritical to restrict access to information in your own country while pretending to promote freedom to access information in other countries, like the Middle East or China.

The internet is global, folks.

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