Terry Jones did have a past in Germany

Oh well well well

It turns out that the pastor organizing the Koran burning event has a history in Germany.

I quote here :

Former church members are still undergoing therapy as a result of “spiritual abuse,” … Jones urged church members to beat their children with a rod and also taught “a distinctive demonology” and conducted brainwashing. Terry Jones appears to have a delusional personality.

There was a climate of fear and control in that church.

Well – that doesn’t look like a religion of joy.

You know if you point to somebody most of your fingers are pointing back to you. In truth he is a religious extreme.

He has also a keen sense of history of Germany. He apparently considered Cologne “a city of Hell that was founded by Nero’s mother,” while he thought Germany was “a key country for the supposed Christian revival of Europe.

I suspect he got the book-burning idea also from Germany’s past, from some 70-80 years ago.

He was ousted from his congregation there last year.

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