The Republican Race so far

After last weeks Super Tuesday and a couple of primary/caucuses (can anybody tell me what’s the real difference), It appears that Mitt Romney has established a solid lead in the Republican Race for Presidential nomination.

He is closing in on half of the delegates needed to win, and has more delegates than all other combined. His closest competitor, Rick Santorum, has less than half delegates than Mr. Romney has.

The three remaining competitors are staying in the race.

So he is in front right now, but he does not make the appearance of glorious winner.

The former governor, businessman and multi millionaire appears more like a bored actor on the stage of the GOP

The Republican voters just don’t like him that much.

A survey showed that 44 percent of conservative voters give their votes Romney, not because he convinces them, but rather they believe he is best who can defeat the incumbent president.

That is not exactly enthusiasm.

The Republican Party is deeply divided. Tight conservative tea party activists among the Republicans took over the helm in many states.

In other states, especially in the southern United States, evangelical fundamentalists dominate the party. For them Mitt Romney will be far too “liberal”.

Coming from the establishment of the Republican Party, and for what he stood for and for what he stands for, there is a sense that Mr. Romney just shifts his position so that he can get the nomination. Coming November, if he is the Republican candidate, he would have to shift position back to where he came from, if he wants to be electable to the general public. But if he does that, then there is the appearance of shifting positions wherever the wind is coming from.

Now imagine, he would become the next president.  If he follows a moderate course, he would have the same problems as President Obama has right now. If he follows the extreme right wing course, then he has the rest of the county up against him. 99% against the 1% the tea party or the christian conservative represent. In fact he would not serve and protect the country but relinquish the control to the big-money minority.

Needles to say that neither of these groups have a solution for the current problems of the country.

The Republicans have degenerated into a party without a clear political goals. The party’s leaders don’t provide leadership.

The only thing that unites the Republican is their hostility towards the incumbent president.

But this is not enough of a program to solve the current problems.

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