The Trump Presidency is upon us

Well – all efforts to stop Donald Trump to become president of the United States have failed. The Republicans are not in a position to create just one credible leader that would stand up against Trump – in fact they fall in line after just one tweet about the independent ethics commission they wanted to cut back. At least at that point Trump was right to remind the GOP what is really important: apparently the GOP’s most important issue was the plan to cut the ethics commission – that alone tells you what the GOP is currently all about.

The Democrats, of course, were too confident, thinking it’s a done deal. Although, Hillary Clinton won the majority of the votes, but they are not counted that way for the Presidential election. In fact, if you voted one way, and the majority of your state voted the other way, your vote is counted as if you voted along with the majority.

What a crooked voting system indeed.

Be it as it is – we got a taste yesterday at the first press conference Trump held after the the election.

It is just me, or was Trump really nervous when asked about a memo alleging the Russians have something in their hand they could use to their advantage. I mean, if there is nothing to it, and if it is all fake news, why so nervous?

Is it possible that Rex Tillerson, the Exxon boss with Russian ties, was nominated for Secretary of State, because Trump had to?

We have seen Trump backtracking already, for instance about the Russian influence on the election, which he denied first, but now says there was some Russian hacking. First of all, why would they do it if there wouldn’t be any chance to have an influence on the election? We heard the Russians were celebrating after the election. And don’t forget, Trump actually encouraged the Russians publicly to hack the Democrat’s computers.

The wall on the border with Mexico is next. The Mexicans will never pay for it, not now, not later, not ever. So, if he still wants to do it, he has to ask Congress for the $30 billion or so. And that when the GOP has promised to cut the spending. I don’t think a Tweet will do it to convince the GOP otherwise.

Furthermore, Trump has promised to cut regulations, but also says he would increase the tariffs for importing cars from Mexico – more regulations! And if the Mexicans can’t export cars to the U.S. – how are they supposed to come up with the money to pay for the wall?

The way Trump “convinces” businesses to create jobs here in the U.S is also disturbing. What is it called, when the government tries to influence businesses in their decision making (because it thinks it knows better)? I think it is called socialism.

January 20 is inauguration day. I’m afraid January 21 will be remembered as a the day Americans realize they should have elected a better President.


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