What were you thinking

In this blog I will report about incidences of the type “What were you thinking”, this kind of things where you would think “Did they even have their brain turned on?”.

We will focus on celebrities. Why you’d ask? Quite simple – they asked for it. They are celebrities for a reason. They want to be in the spotlight, be it as an an actor or in sports.

One can even suspect that some of those actions are not necessarily deliberate. but not avoided either. After all, bad publicity is also publicity – and it is tougher to get good publicity.

And because of this, you get much easier information about that, than lets say you and me. We can certainly also do stupid things, but we are less in the spotlight and the paparazzi aren’t jumping around us so much.

If I come across about something that is as stupid but involves a non-celebrity, you can expect it here, too. But the focus, as said above, is on celebrities, as you can put a name and a face to an event to remember.

Please enjoy.

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