So this is it.

The world is coming to an end starting today, May 21, 2001.

At least according to Harold Camping, an 89-year-old leader of the ministry Family Radio Worldwide.

He has predicted, that starting today a five-month destruction of humanity will commence this Saturday with a Rapture, in which believers will ascend to heaven. “Whereas this five-month period will be an enormous horror story for those who have not been raptured, it will be a time of great joy and wonder for those who are raptured,” according to the Family Radio website.

Camping uses a mathematical formula linked to prophecies in the Bible. He once predicted Sept. 6, 1994 as Judgment Day.

I don’t remember that day. Do you?

In case you’re wondering what happened that day, see here.

Important for these people involved, certainly. But otherwise?

Just in case, you may prepare for the things to come following this advice

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