NSA checks your mental health

We have received unconfirmed information, that under the authorization of the Patriot Act the NSA is conducting mental health checks for a number of people in various areas. This is part of the terrorism prevention program, based on the fact that some of the most heinous acts are performed by people with mental health problems and the perception that people that perform acts of terrorism must not be right in their mind.

Like the phone records collected from different service providers, these are meta data, like time, date and type of strange behaviors, unreasonable decision making and the like. The data don’t include names, just social security numbers. However,¬†unlike the phone records this is not a sweeping collection of data from everyone – records are only created and updated when strange activities were observed.

For reasons that yet have to be explained, according to our source, a high number of collected data so far involved government officials, including elected ones. This came to the attention of a member of the Homeland Security Committee in the House of Representatives in Congress, who discovered his own social security number in the report from the NSA. This member, who we will not identify, was reportedly shocked about this, especially since the report included a prediction that most likely  he would be declared mentally unstable if he would have to submit to a mental health check.

He, however, denied the notion that this revelation had an impact on his vote to reject a gun control bill that would have expanded mental health checks for prospective gun buyers.

The NSA did not respond to our request for a comment.




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