Kim Jong-Un talks to Obama about Rodman

Our buddies from the National Security Agency (NSA) hot-delivered the following transcript from the Oval Office in the White House of a phone conversation between the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un and U.S. President Barack Obama.

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NSA to offer Email Access Service

We have received advanced information that the National Security Agency (NSA) is going to offer a service to help you to organize your email accounts. Especially it will filter spam and help to draw your attention to really important emails, so that you won’t miss them.

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Government Shutdown, Tea Party and National Security

Today’s Government shutdown without question hurts everything, starting with the government workers who may not get a paycheck or get it delayed to sometime in the distant future, to the economy – with the federal government to biggest employer in the country, and of course the U.S.’s reputation all over the world. There have been suggestions that “U.S.A” stands for “United States of Absurdistan”. Continue reading

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GCHQ/NSA bizarre behaviour

The behavior of NSA and the British counterpart GCHQ gets more bizarre every day.

David Miranda, the partner of Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald, was detained Continue reading

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Why Obama administration does not call it a coup

It is getting worse every day in Egypt, ever since the military ousted President Mursi – a democratically elected President after all.

If such a thing happens in any other country, it would be called a coup. Not so in this case. Continue reading

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US embassy closures used to bolster case for NSA surveillance programs

Over the weekend U.S. embassies in more than 20 countries across North Africa and the Middle East were closed due to increased chatter in the terrorists network.

Republican senator Saxby Chambliss said the NSA had identified threats that were the most serious for years and akin to levels of “terrorist chatter” picked up before 9/11.


We thought the terrorists are now able to avoid NSA tracking, after Edward Snowden revealed what the NSA is doing. If they are, how would the NSA know about it?

It is of course possible the terrorists know it and use it to their advantage to give the U.S. false leads.

That is called counter-intelligence.

By the way, the Benghazi attacks last year were not anticipated (as far as we know), even though it happened on the 9/11 anniversary. Is it possible the terrorists knew how to avoid the NSA, even before Snowden leaked the secret programs?

It could also simply that the terrorists are saying: let’s scare the U.S. and spread some rumors. They actually don’t need to do anything besides the talking.

Very cost efficient.

But then it is also possible that the NSA made it all up. Their interest is to to nourish the culture of fear – and keep the money flowing.

The surveillance program – especially the collection of phone records from every American, came under scrutiny from Congress (can you believe it). Indeed, it is unlikely that it played any role in the al-Qaida intercepts.

The members of the Intelligence Committee in Congress should be able to to tell about it – oh we forgot they are prohibited by law.

An ordinary member can’t get such information, so much for congressional oversight – but then they don’t get that much cash from the defense and surveillance industry¬† as the IC members do.

We have, however, one question, that the above referenced article does not mention: if regular members are supposed to approve the funding for these programs, why are they voting YES if they can’t get information what it is used for?

It is more likely, though, that the IC members aren’t told everything either. Clapper admitted he is lying to Congress – and stands by his decision to lie.

At the end we can’t believe anything they’re saying.

Our headline could also read:

“NSA causes US embassy closures in order to bolster surveillance programs”

Which is closer to the truth? You’d be the judge. The NSA won’t tell you.

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U.S. bullies sovereign nations over Snowden case

The United States has apparently interfered with international law by pressing foreign nations to divert a plane carrying Bolivian President Evo Morales on his flight home from Moscow. The U.S. believed that Edward Snowden, the NSA leaker, was on that plane, too. He wasn’t. Continue reading

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Snowden caught up in politics

It appears now that Edward Snowden, the NSA leaker, is still a free man, however still physically restricted to the area of a terminal in a Moscow airport, and now also caught up in politics. Continue reading

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The NSA Diaries – your tax dollars at work

In an effort to educate the public and correct some misconception that might exist, the National Security Agency (NSA) has decided to make some of their work public and has approached us for help with the publication.

Therefore¬† we have created a book series we named “The NSA Diaries”. The first of this series can be bought here at Amazon.

It contains a transcript of the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s meeting with his staff just last week, as the NSA leaker Edward Snowden was on his way from Hongkong to Russia.

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NSA acknowledges spying on European Union

In our recent interview with a high ranking official of the National Security Agency (NSA), which we conducted to mark the occasion of the publishing of “The NSA Diaries” series, we discussed briefly the developing breaking news about alleged spying of the NSA on the EU.

Here is a brief excerpt of this interview Continue reading

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