Privacy Laws and Social Media

Found this interesting article on CNN’s website.

One of our intentions here at BrainTurnedOff is to report on stupid behaviors of sometimes so-called or wannabe celebrities.

Now we can accept something like a love affair. There are numerous of those, and this of course the food for some paparazzi. Celebrities should expect that – it is after all them who strive for celebrity status.

Where we come in is when cover ups occur. Like the one of Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs mentioned in the article. He got a “super-injunction” from a British court that would punish anyone in their jurisdiction to even report about the alleged affair, true or not.

Now this thing was made public because a member of the British parliament revealed that in one of their sessions. He can do that because of some privilege MPs enjoy.

So what does this injunction mean? Can we mention what an MP mentioned in the parliament? Was is broadcast on TV? Wouldn’t that be an contempt of court?

In today’s world with twitter and facebook it does not help much to prevent the spread of a rumor.

In fact, if you try to cover it up that way, the more curious people are going to get what the fuss is all about.

Wouldn’t it be nice that someone who has been caught having an affair would admit that he (or she) enjoyed it. They may be sorry, okay, but please have the courage to admit that they enjoyed it at least in that moment.

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