Romney and his Taxes

So what do think?

How much taxes did he pay?

He said “A lot of taxes”. But how much is a lot?

It really depends. For ordinary folks it probably would be a lot, but he is, of course, not ordinary. In fact, he is a billionaire, so that shifts that perspective somewhat.

But since he refuses to give specific details, we don’t know how much it really was.

Sen. Harry Reid said, he got information that it really was nothing.

Mr. Romney could clarify it very easily, once and for all, but instead he selected to shoot the messenger.

So what are we supposed to believe?

I think the truth is something like this:

Mr. Romney paid taxes, but he thinks it was too much. You can’t blame him for that – how does not complain about taxes being too high. But if you think about a fair share, probably not too much.

You see, he is one of the privileged, who can use all legal means (not available to the rest of us) to reduce the rate. It is legal, as all are saying, but the legality is a result of the lobbying power of the rich and privileged, that resulted in the tax code as it is today.

So it would be embarrassing for Mr. Romney, if he would reveal how much (or not so much)  taxes he really paid, but in his mind it is still way to much, that he wants to cut the taxes – even more for the rich and privileged, i.e. for himself.

That the tax cut wouldn’t due anything for the economy is a different story.

which would increase the deficit


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  1. Mark says:

    I think Mr Romney should look at Mr. McCain, who four years ago didn’t release more than 2 years in tax returns. Remind me, what happened to him?

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