Pee To Play Top 10 List

Let the competitive peeing contest begin.

Earlier this week it was announced that a minor league baseball team will install video games in the men’s restroom connected to the urinals, and powered by a steady stream of – you know. It is said that this game can be played “hands-free”, but I would think you score better when you take you “weapon” in your hands (don’t forget to wash them afterwards – the hands I mean).

It is actually not new Рgames like this have been installed in Europe and Asia, but the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, an AAA affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies, are the first to introduce it in the U.S. Sponsored by a local hospital as a way to promote prostate health, the games can be played for free.

See here for further information.

This could be just a start – and the future certainly looks bright. There could be local, regional and national competitions.

In the meantime, we have collected a top ten list things overheard related to the pee-to-play video games:

10: O man – I just ran out of ammunition.

9: I can’t hit the game console – it is too high!

8: Damn – Multitasking is so hard!

7: Hey – how come you have two weapons?

6: (from the ladies’ room) When are we getting games like this?

5: No, I’m still playing!

4:When are they are going to announce today’s winner?

3: Can you please hold my place – I need to get another beer.

2: (wife to husband after he returns) What took you so long – and why are you looking so happy?

1: Can you please hold my weapon for a second, please?



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