Top Ten Bathroom Confessions

The recent revelations of Robert Durst’s bathroom confession have made quite some headlines. But his is not the only one. Over the years some other confessions have been recorded – mostly with the microphone still on unaware by the confessor.

We’ve compiled a Top 10 list of other bathroom confessions from our archives.

10. M Romney: I really would like to tell Mrs. Romney how much I earned, but I’m so afraid of her.

9. G Zimmerman: So far so good – no surprising video surveillance tape

8. C Christie: The bridge closing was really fun.

7. M Obama: He’s really having to much fun with the ladies.

6. J Biden: I really don’t care what they say about me.

5. D Cheney: I really would have been a good sniper.

4. B Obama: It all doesn’t matter now. I can act like a king.

3. M Romney: I’m so grateful not to be in the President’s shoes with all the problems around.

2. R Giuliani: If you’d ask me – I really really love Italy.

1. OJ Simpson: Of course I did it.


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