Top Ten Reasons Mitt Romney doesn’t want to release his tax returns

As of this moment, Mitt Romney released his 2010 tax return, and will also release the 2011 return. But he refuses to release earlier returns, as it was customary starting with his own father. Because of that allegations surface (let’s put it that way), that he didn’t pay any taxes then. Mr. Romney says it is not true, he actually paid “a lot”.

We’ve maid some notes of that earlier, so today we dig a little bit deeper, and we have compiled a list of reasons, why Mr. Romney refuses to release the tax returns. We’ll list them in the popular Top-Ten-List format.

Here we go!

10. He doesn’t want his wife to know how much he really earns.

9. Deducted expenses to build AMERCIA.

8. Declared Rafalca as deductible service animal.

7. Listed Employees and Volunteers of the 2002 Olympic Games as dependents.

6. His 2008 tax payment: $1,023.51

5. Deducted expenses to make tax code more favorable for himself.

4. In 2009 paid $351.01 in taxes, got reimbursed $150,772,361.71.

3. Deducted expenses for Mitt’s Temple in Belmont as charitable donations.

2. As Governor declared all Massachusetts residents as dependents.

1. Deducted expenses for campaign to turn clock back to pre-1890.

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