TSA Body Scanner Saga continues

There is some update from a previous post

It appears now, that the TSA body scanners were designed with the storage capability because it was a requirement of the TSA.

See this CNN post for further information

We know already from the Orlando incident how the “test mode” has been invoked. And it makes perfectly sense. Besides of having the capability available “just in case”, think about a scenario that a terrorist went through the scanners undetected. Image the outcry from the public and the politicians, forcing the TSA to investigate how this happened. They better have the images stored somewhere to figure out at what point the system failed.

There are already reports that the scanners might not work too well. According to a CBS report, the government wants to keep the information classified that documents the success rate of the scanners.

You can read here in the comment section how to confuse the scanners.

So it appears more and more that the real purpose of the scanners is to instill fear in the public.

Just like the terrorists have instilled fear. They really don’t need to do anything. Just by being there and once in a while pretend to plan something the keep the public in check.

Also, don’t believe that the TSA personal have some fun.

According to this report TSA co-workers started to make jokes about a colleague’s “junk”. However, he didn’t think it was funny and confronted the co-workers. He was arrested the next day.

No word of whether the supervisor was investigated for sexual harassment.

The pat-down of course has its own problem. Think about priests, nuns, young children, the elderly, the disabled being subject to scanning and pat-downs. Can’t wait to hear about an incident involving a jealous husband or boyfriend.

So what can you do?

Here’s an idea. Pretend to be a sexual addict, with hyper-sensitivity and -activity problems. Take Viagra if this is a stretch for you. Mention to the TSA officer that you can be easily aroused just by thinking somebody at the other end of the room might see your naked image coming from the scanner.

If you opt for the pat-down, just pretend that you are actually enjoying the fondling and groping and make some noise to make it sound real. Make sure that you are searched thoroughly. When done, leave the secure area and re-enter it again for some more. Remember, TSA has to complete the screening once it has started, and you want to make sure that the screening is very thorough, for the sake of the public’s safety.

Keep in mind, you cannot be blamed for this. You gave an advanced warning and they started it anyway.

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