U.S. bullies sovereign nations over Snowden case

The United States has apparently interfered with international law by pressing foreign nations to divert a plane carrying Bolivian President Evo Morales on his flight home from Moscow. The U.S. believed that Edward Snowden, the NSA leaker, was on that plane, too. He wasn’t.

For details see here.

Now, we know that the U.S. considers every other nation as a potential enemy, even though the politicians say otherwise. The NSA at least does so, as it puts even most European countries in a 3rd class state category, along with China, Iran. Only a few countries are said not to be under NSA attack, but we really doubt that this is true.

The European countries, on the other hand, appear to be submissive to the United States. How else can you explain that “Spain is now consulting with the U.S.A. whether the plane can fly over Spanish airspace”?

We thought, Spain is a sovereign nation, but it appears that it is not. Why else is Spain asking the U.S. for permission? The U.S. doesn’t ask Spain for permission to let a plane fly over U.S. air space, we don’t think.

France, Italy and Portugal also revoked permission for Morales’ plane to enter their airspace. Even France, which is among the loudest to complain about the NSA actions and says it wants to delay upcoming free-trade negotiations. The plane was just minutes away from entering France when the crew was informed they couldn’t enter their airspace. Talks and actions are different things.

What really concerns us is that the U.S., blinded by the obsession to get Snowden, is making everybody to hate the U.S. And we mean everybody.

The national security, which the officials claim as their concern, goes down the drain. But it is not about national security anymore.

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