Wheelchair man and the fire fighters

Here’s a story from Germany.
The platform of the railway station in the northern city of Ascheberg is located between the two tracks and can be reached only via staircases – one down, through a small tunnel and one up again. No ramp,  lift or escalator.
A man in a wheelchair wanted to visit a soccer game in this town, so he came by train. When he arrived at the station and exited the train, he was trapped on the platform like on an island. The stairs were insurmountable for his electric-driven wheelchair.
Help arrived in form of 5 man from the firefighting department of Ascheberg. They lifted him up and down the stairs, just barely making it.
A request from the wheelchair man to the fire fighters to help him on the return trip was denied as “too dangerous” for all involved. It is not known how the man got back home.
I wonder, what the fire fighters are going to do, if a real fire breaks out. “Too dangerous?”
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