Doomsday Update

As you well know by now, the Doomsday prediction for this past Saturday was simply wrong.

It just didn’t happen.

There are some opinions why that was. I won’t go into the religious reasoning details. As you might know, I’m not that religious, so I won’t try to get into this.

A few notes though:

(1) As I was watching the chatter on the internet I noticed the rolling of the concerns from East to West. It was New Zealand/Australia first reporting that the time for the start of the rapture has past.

This raises the question about the timeline. I know it was predicted for 6 p.m, but no timezone indicator. As this type of thing goes global I would have expected more precise information (which I didn’t see). It could have been UTC or PDT (as the minister is located in California).

(2) For some reason I believe that this was an event by invitation only. I didn’t get any invitation in my mail, and by judging what actually did (or did not) happen this time – or on the previously predicted judgment day back in 1994 – nor did anybody else.

As many internet marketer will tell you, it is important to have a mailing list for successful promotion of your products. Without that you’re just less trustworthy and the people won’t buy from you.

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